Welcome to the Snafu    317-895-1888
5150 N.Post Rd. Indpls.,In.46226
OPEN 11:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.


               Colts Vs. Titans
               Sunday 12.28.2014
         1:00 PM CBS : Free Food

$4.00 UV Bombs:$6.50 Atomic Bombs
$6.50 Long Islands:$3.25 Well Drinks
$5.00 Double Well Drinks

                Rural Route * 3 *
             2nd and 4th Fridays
The Original Snafu Being Restored



       Your friendly neighborhood bar since 1973


This Buds For You         This Buds For Sue

Draft Beer : 28 oz. Mug, 60 oz. Pitcher 



Sunday                                      $3.00 Bloody Mary

Monday                                    $4.00 UV Bombs All Day

Tuesday                                  $4.00 UV Bombs All Day
Wednesday                             Free Pool With Purchase
Thursday                                $4.00 UV Bombs All Day

Friday                                             $4.00 UV Bombs All Day
Saturday                                         $4.00 UV Bombs All Day
                    All Beer and Drinks Subject to Tax



       Pass the Pint for Charity
  $3.00 Aluminin Pints                www.facebook.com/CoorsLight  


Yes we have Motorcycle Parking

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